Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Roxborough

Where generations to come can build
memories munching popcorn and telling
stories in blanket and pillow castles.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 1

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Pike

The cabin’s shape resembles a pine
tree and casts a silhouette reminiscent
of fairytale lore and charm.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 2

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Chatfield

This would be the perfect cabin model
for the novice carpenter.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 3

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Hogback

There’s uniqueness to this cabin
model that I love. Its strength and
rhythm remind me of a 1980s classic
country music song.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 4

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Platte

It would be cool to climb into the
walls of a cabin and sleep instead
of having beds.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 5

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Highline

The exterior covered porch
provides shelter for uninterrupted
scenic observation from
several vantage points.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 6

 Legacy Cabins Legacy Cabins

The Waterton

This Cabin Model design is a
gesture, a tribute to the original
architecture you see at the base
of that stunning canyon.

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Legacy Cabin
Model No. 7

Enjoy nature with friends and loved ones in your own personal cabin.

It’s the perfect way to build memories and carve-out new traditions.

“It’s not what you’re getting away from, it’s where you’re going to,” shares David N. Thermos of Legacy Cabins.  A shelter, out in the woods can be more than just a roof over your head. The terrain where you encounter nature is sacred and will require a sensitive and flexible design response to fit into the ecosystem properly. Legacy Cabins Model designs have combined these philosophies into a convenient package they’ve coined the “ready-to-build micro-cabin-kit.”

Seven cabin models are available which have been developed by David N. Thermos of Legacy Architecture Studio, LLC of Littleton, Colorado, members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Each design has been inspired by the nostalgia of the abandon architecture of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region which portrays the timeless elegance of by-gone-eras. The design concept includes a platform which is elevated above the ground on posts that are connected to a concrete foundation. The 120sf enclosed rectangular cabin shape incorporates an overhead attic storage area built into the roof, and an extended covered front porch.

The cabin kit offers a sustainable solution for compact living in the 21st century for those self-reliant, D.I.Y. individuals who are seeking to be re-connected with nature. The kit provides convenience, affordability, modern designs options, ecological sensitivity, and engineering which meets building code requirements.

Live Small. Be inspired to care for the planet.  Build a Legacy Cabin.

Legacy Cabins are all-inclusive kits streamline the entire build for efficiency. By using the ready-to-build blueprints and owner’s manual provided, the overall project schedule is detailed, organized, and ready to execute. Each Cabin kit also includes the building materials necessary to build wood-framed structure above the foundation and enclose it from the weather to protect the build site. Kits are provided at time of sale, so you can map out your build or consult with your contractor right away.

The designs for the Legacy Cabin Kits have been developed in accordance with the general requirements of the 2012 International Residential Code.

The 120 square foot interior area of each cabin fits conveniently within the definition of a utility structure. The interior additional high space within the cabin is designed to be classified as a storage attic and not a loft or second floor in order to avoid introducing additional building requirements such as a fixed ladder or permanent stair. You as the cabin owner will need to define for the building department how you will use your cabin to determine if you are required to have a building permit. In addition, the cabin kits are designed to be permanently secured to the foundation which each cabin owner will need to provide.

Building your own Legacy Cabin is an investment of your resources and sweat equity being converted to net worth. Kits come standard with high quality materials and any additional upgrades to the craftmanship remains within your hands. You also control the timeline, place, and the means for building your own cabin kit. Use this adventure to strengthen bonds with your family or build ties to your community. The sanctuary you build today is a gift of significance you will be able to share with and pass on to your family for their future.

Each Legacy Cabin design is a conscience, modular design that produces minimal construction waste. They are compact and only require a modest piece of land. Their masterful construction plans are require minimal extra space for the site development footprint. In addition, wood construction materials are a rapidly-growing renewable resource. Standard lumber material modules are used, thus reducing construction waste.

Our cabin platforms float above the ground. The layout of the base structure is flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of topographies. Its footprint on the land is small enough so that you can place it on your land and minimize the disturbance to existing foliage and habitats while gaining optimal advantages to solar access or natural shading and ventilation.

The modern era which we live in is made up a growing awareness of the limitations of natural resources and the fragility of the environment. Legacy Cabins provides seven models that are ecologically sensitive designs for sustainable living in the 21st Century. Build a cabin in the wilderness while exercising a distinct voice for conserving our shared heritage.  Expand your enthusiasm for the outdoors from the strategic vantage point of your personal secure outpost.

Whether you are adventuring out for hunting and fishing, hunkering down for some personal time or packing it in with the family, your Legacy Cabin is customizable to suit your needs. You can outfit your cabin with conveniences such as plumbing, heating, electricity, insulation, and finishes right off the truck or at a later date when your budget allows for it or needs change.

Your adventure may start by driving a tent stake into the ground on your property. Building a place of your own will include an experience that extends beyond your lifetime. Purchasing a cabin kit lends itself to telling your story about the experience of building a cabin and then using it year-after-year.

The cabin kit provides an opportunity for you to pass down traditional building knowledge such as work ethic, craftsmanship, and safety through generations of families and friends. In addition, the quiet place which you regularly visit can reconnect you with nature where you can explore your purpose and meaning, and possibly share understanding between generations.

This is an opportunity for you to make a multi-generational investment. Your cabin-building experience will be a gift to yourself and to those who may eventually make contributions of their own to pass it on.

The micro-cabin-kit has been designed for an ecologically-minded person who admires the value of preserving and enjoying the outdoors, and at the same time observing their personal beliefs by minimizing their impact on the environment.

Walking the site of your Legacy Cabin will give you a sense of the ecosystem – its vegetation, water, topography, wind, solar orientation, and shading. This is an opportunity to discover animal habitats, plant life, and walk in other explorer’s footsteps. Time, and time again, you can return to the land where indigenous peoples or travelers in the past have met their own frontiers and know that you have paid homage to their legacy.