Big Functionality Packed into a Small Footprint

The terrain where you encounter nature is sacred and will require a sensitive and flexible response to fit into the ecosystem properly. The compact cabin size imparts a small footprint on the land. Touching the earth lightly, the cabins are carefully connected to the land by wooden posts supported by small cylindrical concrete pedestals which elevate the cabin above the ground, allowing the natural terrain to pass below the cabin platform. This “post & pedestal” system provides flexibility for the adaptation to a wide variety of topographies. The structure integrates robust, durable engineering which incorporates today’s standard home-building practices. The cabin kit materials are rich in purpose and utilize the appropriate details for the construction techniques which express the character, craftsmanship and durability of the cabin structure.

These highly efficient, 120 square foot shelters are essentially the size of a common household bedroom, kitchen, or office in your home. Most cabin models include an additional attic storage space which can be accessed by a utility ladder. Attics vary in size, on average, between 25-60 square feet and can be used to store light supplies, outdoor gear, or even a telescope for observing the stars through a dormer window. All cabins all have a covered exterior porch which provides protection from the sun or rain and can be oriented on the property to your favorite view. The porches range in size between 50-140 square feet, and the outside stair connecting the deck to the ground can be placed according to your personal preferences. In total, your cabin could include between and 170 -320 square feet of functional, usable, protected space.