A Legacy Cabins cabin kit has the familiar scale of a tent with the added comfort and security of a permanent structure. We admit that sleeping in a cabin can’t completely replace the experience of backpacking to the high altitudes of a new destination and pitching a tent under the stars. However, dwelling in a cabin allows you to have the best of both. You can gaze out at the stars from your porch, and snuggle into your private cabin at night with all the built-in conveniences.

As a safe haven, above the ground, our Legacy Cabin models offer reliable shelter when inclement weather arises. Plus, a custom-built refuge to store your seasonal gear in until the next time is an investment in time and convenience. Forget having to haul everything back up to your land each time you return to the outdoors. At Legacy Cabins, we want our clients to be able to seize the moment and enjoy the most time possible with family and friends.