What Would You Do With a Place of Your Own Outdoors?

This may not the last cabin you build, but it could be the first. The Legacy CabinsWillow Creek Cabin Series (Series 1) is available in seven individual models, each characterized by both similarities and marked differences in roof form, attic storage areas, porch shapes, material, patterns, details, door and window arrangement. Upon purchasing a cabin kit you are able to select the exterior stain, paint, and roof colors, each highlighting your cabin’s distinctive character. Your personal expression can be reflected in the craftsmanship and personal belongings.

Your personal style is reflected most in how you choose to spend time in your Legacy Cabin

  • “Backyard” camping in style: Enjoy built-in cooking, bunkhouse, and bathroom conveniences
  • Locked and Loaded Base camp: Outdoor sports training and mountaineering gear are safe and protected from weather
  • Personal Sanctuary: Replenish your spirit in solitude doing what you love
  • Gardening cottage: Store your favorite tools and keep your vintage garden picturesque
  • Guest house: Share a Colorado weekend getaway with family and friends
  • Field laboratory: Conduct scientific research in the setting where your subject resides
  • Lodging: Enjoy seasonal hunting and fishing trips where you return to each season
  • Romantic Retreat: Spark new beginnings, renew vows, or turn off the distractions
  • Studio: Focus and work on your craft, paint your masterpieces, or write the Great American Novel