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 About Legacy Cabins

Share your adventure as it unfolds, while you plan, build, and dwell in your cabin

Architect David N. Thermos owner of  Legacy Cabins embarked on designing compact cabins in 2009 in partnership with Legacy Architecture Studio, LLC of Littleton, Colorado. “It began with the notion of having a place of my own,” shares David. “The idea evolved into providing an affordable, flexible, and simple micro-cabin kit.” Perfect for the self-reliant, D.I.Y. customer they are derived from the standard construction practices of the home-building industry. Legacy Cabins include a complete package of building materials, blueprints/details/specifications, step-by-step instructions, project planning tools, and field support services. “We assist our customers in their efforts to build their Legacy Cabin from the ground up and to the roof.”

Legacy Cabins are ready-to-build micro cabin kits for outdoor enthusiasts and can be used seasonally or year-round, depending on how much you are able to invest in the permanent conveniences such as hooking up to utilities, insulation, and interior finishes. The cabin kit has been developed as a green, environmentally sustainable product to provide our customers with an affordable place of their own, somewhere, out there in the wilderness. The cabin kit is eco-friendly and supports our customer’s enthusiasm for the outdoors as they each express their own unique, individual voices for its protection and conservation.



All seven Legacy Cabin Models have been designed and developed by Architect David N. Thermos, founder of Legacy Architecture Studio, LLC of Littleton, Colorado. He has been an architect in Colorado for 27 years and is a certified member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). “Designing these cabin kits is my passion, and a legacy I want to build for my family. Creating something tangible that people in my community can use to literally build memories with their loved ones is a dream come true,” shares David.


The design expression of Legacy Cabins is a style of its own composition and created with a palette of inspired elements which are present in every cabin kit. The designs are responsive to historical precedents of both mountain and plain vernaculars. They reflect on the settler’s skills and available materials, and their innate reaction to the climatic conditions that are present throughout the Western Rocky Mountain Region. The naming of the individual models is based on David’s interpretations of how they represent the unique landscapes of the southwest Denver Metro area. “My vision was to create a collection, so that there is a kit for everyone,” shares David.


Each kit was crafted with a complete “built-it-yourself” professional construction guides, specs, and blueprints, so that a talented craftsman can manage the assembly of the kit or a novice carpenter can partner with a professional builder and be 100% successful. The team at Legacy cabins has a network of vetted and trusted contractors and colleagues to assist any Legacy Cabin owner from unloading the first piece of lumber to pounding the last nail.