The Chatfield, Legacy Cabin Model No. 3

The Chatfield – Legacy Cabin Model No. 3


Chatfield State Park, Colorado

Design Inspiration

Architect David N. Thermos’ inspiration for The Chatfield is derived from a historic log homestead within the boundaries of Colorado’s Chatfield State Park. One Christmas Eve, David sat in that homestead cabin at twilight looking out of the window upon a grove of trees and listening to the crackle of winter. He pondered the concurrence of loneliness and the freedom of the pioneers who built it 1-1/2 centuries ago. Inspired, he designed the model which would be the third Legacy Cabin with a footprint of 10’x17’ including the covered porch. “This would be the perfect cabin model for the novice carpenter,” shares David, “It’s the only model without a loft, and so it is the simplest, straightforward build.”

This would be the perfect cabin model for the novice carpenter. -David N. Thermos, Legacy Cabins

It pays homage to, but does not replicate the legendary Walden Pond cabin (10’x15’) built by Henry David Thoreau in Massachusetts in 1845. Thoreau’s pursuit for simple living and self-sufficiency inspired him to live off the land by gardening, trapping, hunting, fishing, and foraging. He experimented, collected data, and socialized occasionally with neighbors, including his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson owned the woodland where the Walden Pond cabin was built.

Cabin Design Details

  • Four windows totaling twenty-eight square feet of glass area allows the perfect amount of natural light to enter the cabin.
  • Continuity to the porch’s post and beam design is achieved by wrapping the larger scale exposed wood framing elements around to each side of the cabin. These design elements support the widened eaves and create the model’s distinct profile.
  • There is a gable accent awning which offers additional shade over one of the windows. It provides an architectural accent which breaks up the visual scale of the exterior walls.

Without an attic, The Chatfield’s lower ceiling creates a cozy, intimate feel for this model’s compact footprint.

 The Chatfield, Legacy Cabin Model No. 3

 The Chatfield, Legacy Cabin Model No. 3

 The Chatfield, Legacy Cabin Model No. 3